Diet Coke Blues

July 5, 2011

I wanna be where the boys are

I thought the festival life would be different. It was so fun and I had a fine company with me,  2 beautiful girls who is crazy about retro music. It was cool to see the sun rise every day (we went to sleep around sun rise)

The Strokes, are cool. Julian Casablancas has gained weight. But yet they are so cool.

Kings Of Leon, cool. The singer Caleb Followill is sick good looking and has the cutest teddy bear eyes.

Bob Dylan, very boring on stage. Cool to see a legend. He had a nice hat.

Peace And Love music festival was fun but I think I will go to another festival next year. It was good performers this year. How cool is it that I've seen Bob Dylan?

Stuff I have started to like:

Bruce Springsteen: The world's most beautiful creation. I like him but his music is very 80's. (I'm a 60-70s-dreamer)

The Runaways: Cherrybomb, I wanna be where the boys are, Crimson and Clover, Joan Jett and Cherie Currie.

Kristen Stewart: I don't know why I like her. I love her look and style. She looks so sleepy and bored and I like it.

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