Diet Coke Blues

November 30, 2010

''You've got the sun, you've got the moon, and you've got the Rolling Stones''- Keith Richards

Another side of DietCokeBlues

It's too cold now. I am grateful that Im soon moving from the cold. I have started to pack my clothes and stuff. My Rolling Stones books, paintings, LP record and pictures are now in my bag that I will bring to Dubai. They will get a new home, Mick and Keith. On my new walls in the desert. Oh it will be so much fun to wander around with a starbucks on the beach and try to ride my skateboard on the boardwalk.

Wait, I skip school to watch Sex And The City.. But hey, don't we gals learn more when we are watching SATC? Our school doesnt teach us about love and there isnt anything called lesson in love. So.. yeah.

Funny, I'm listening to Steppenwolf now, it makes me feel that Im a journalist and interviewing lots of rockstars. We travel around America with our tour bus, drink beer and play the guitar.

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November 28, 2010

I just can't get enough

Rolling stones never stops rolling

This is real music, by a real band, and with real talent. Something Lady Gaga, or Bieber will never come close to tasting. I feel bad for people that are younger than me or in my age having to suffer with the abortions of so called "new music" that is on the radio today.
And all I have to say ,  I LOVE THE ROLLING STONES!

Mick, Bill, Brian, Keith and Charlie. 

Rip this joint

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