Diet Coke Blues

January 17, 2011

Baby Keith


 Who'd have thought that this little baby boy would become a rock legend?

January 12, 2011

I wish

All I want is this.
                                                                     And this man..


My dream..

I want to see Mick Jagger before I die.

Facelook: Georgia

This girl is so beautiful. I like her looks. Georgia is so darn beautiful and she has got the most gorgeous lips that I've ever seen! I get completely enchanted when I see pictures of her.

Miss Hall Vs Mr Jagger

''This is it honey, Im leaving you. I don't care how cool you think you are'' - Jerry Hall

''I think when you start to feel married you should get divorced'
- Mick Jagger


Dead flowers

Audrey. A timeless doll.

A steel guitar and a glass of wine