Diet Coke Blues

May 18, 2011

Torn And Frayed

I like him so much. Almost too much, even though I did not know him so well. Every night I play a song from the movie Eugenie De Sade. I pretend that Im Eugenie, the cute girl with the straight hair and that he was the intelligent man who always looked after Eugenie. I was so tired of life. I just wanted to hang all over Sunset Strip, Los Angeles, year 1968 with Pamela Des Barres. And Mick Jagger. I want to have John Lennon as my mentor. He would teach me all about peace and love. My passion for all that burns inside me. I want to listen to music, eat raisins, cry, dance with Mick Jagger and stay in villa Nellcote with Keith Richards. I may sound like a dork, but I do not know what to do. Should you just be brave and say what you think and feel or not? Torn and frayed.

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