Diet Coke Blues

May 14, 2011


Nico aka Nicolai, that was his name.

He was a painter.
His art was all about sex, drugs, blood and violence. He would always wear a pair of levis light blue jeans, a striped shirt and a cigarette in his mouth. He was known to be a real charmer, he always had women at his place. They all drank wine, read poetry and made love together. The whole thing was a fat cliche, a painter/artist/poet, drinking wine, reading poetry and making love with several women.

He thought that he was Dash Snow or Jim Morrison. But yet he was so disgustingly good looking. He loved to listen to Led Zeppelin and Miles Davis. He loved both rock and jazz. He could sit for hours and just listen to jazz music.
But mostly he loved red wine, he loved how it tasted each time he took a sip of it. He enjoyed it.
His dream was to combine Led Zeppelin, Miles Davis and red wine together to something.

When he was little, he loved the book "The Outsiders" and wanted to look like Ponyboy & Dalls. He used to wear a leather jacket, dance to the song Gloria (Van Morrison) and fight with little boys that lived next door to him.

Anyway, Nico wanted to meet someone special. A beautiful girl. But when? He just didn't know.

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  1. väldigt fin. du borde uppdatera mer och publicera mer av dina noveller, det är inspererande.