Diet Coke Blues

May 17, 2011

I met him on a monday and my heart stood still

Still reading the book ''I'm With The Band'' with Pamela Des Barres. She is so lovely. Me and Pamela are so similar in many ways, it is hard to explain but the way we both look at life, love, drugs and boys almost the same way. She is also obsessed with Mick Jagger, which makes it fun because I adore him. Plus, we are born the same month.
Anyway, is obsessed with Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin. They are so beautiful together.
I just want to put on a short striped dress, smoke a ciggarett and hug Serge while Jane takes a photo of us two.

It is also not okay that it's raining in my heart. It thunders and I want you! Why should it be so many rules in this world .. Can't you just be with the one you love? If you can, then I will run out in the rain and look for him and later on hug him.

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