Diet Coke Blues

March 26, 2011

She killed in ecstasy?

Im have no money. Not even a penny. I really wanted to buy a piece of Ben and Jerry. But insted of that Im listening to some fucked up good music. Weird stuff from the 70's. Movie soundtrack music a la 70's. So me. But Im getting sick of the whole ''Eugenie De Sade'' soundtrack. It's so good and I pretend that Im having a bunch of  sexy secret relationships with my teachers, the give me amazing grades and after that I move to New York and open my own art galley. Then I will meet a handsome fella. His middle name is Albert. Mr-middle-name-guy is so freaking dry so I leave him for my stepfather... No just kidding.
No, I will leave middle-name guy and move to the south of France. I will take so much drugs that I will collapse. I will also smoke and drink 13 bottles of white wine every single day. French wine of course.
Because I take so much drugs I will become sick. I collapse everyday on the porch. I fall on the floor just like Jim Morrison does on stage.

After one week of danger my old teachers comes to the south of France to visit me. One of the teachers is a handsome fella. I kick everybody out besides him. He can stay. He is older and cooler. He is against drugs but after a night of darkness seduction he becomes a heroin-addict.
After 1 year a baby boy is born. He is the love child. But after only 3 weeks I die. People cry and scream ''Ecstasy killed her'' No. It was actually heroin. Anyway, I die. The mother of a beautiful baby boy and lover of a very handsome fella. After I die he takes the baby boy and moves back to the cold snow in scandinavia. He goes back to work. And I'm left buried in the south of France.

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