Diet Coke Blues

December 5, 2010

L.O.V.E (cheesy but true)

I can't stop listening to''You Got The Silver'' by The Rolling Stones. Keith is singing this song and he wrote it. This song was inspired by a love he had. I think it's so beautiful, you can hear his feelings and strong belief in his love in this track. It makes me almost teary-eyed, it is so beautiful. Plus his voice is so tender and sweet.

It got me to think about all the people that have love, how beautiful. To have someone you love. It doesnt matter if you are young or too old. There is no age, a special gender or a skin color. Love is beautiful in every way and will always be there for you, so don't give up. 

Oh babe, you got my soul
You got the silver you got the gold
A flash of love, just made me blind
I don't care, no, that's the big surprise

- You Got The Silver, The Rolling Stones


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