Diet Coke Blues

November 9, 2010

Life - don't we only live once?

Life. What is that? What a hell should you do with it? Be nice? What happened to living? What happens tomorrow? THAT'S unwritten. We never know what's going to happend. So why are we sitting here in front of your computers and doing meaningless things while we could travel the world, rob stores, live with the one you love, sleep outdoors, dancing to crazy good music, smoking, eating tons of sugar, spicy food, dancing nude in the rain or just dance with strangers. Why not? I get so annoyed with myself because I dont dare to just go outside and scream out my frustration. I'm such a coward, I wouldn't even dare to go out with messy hair. I just want to throw my computer on the floor, run to a store and steal all their money and run away with my beloved one to a paradise island .Why don't we do that? Life would be so much fun if we didn't have any rules or expectations. For crying out loud, we only live once.

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