Diet Coke Blues

November 4, 2010

A California Dream - Part 1

This is a love story I have written by myself. - Nina

The sunbeams was sticking in her eyes. It was morning now and she did not look forward to this day. She put on a white baseline and her denim shorts. She went into the bathroom and brushed her teeth slowly. The mirror opposite to her, she wanted to just smash. She gaped wide and checked on her braces, and then sighed. After brushing she ran to the kitchen but stumbled on the stairs and hurt her lower lip. She felt the blood acidic taste in the mouth but got up and walked toward the kitchen. There was nothing she liked in the kitchen so she took three chocolates from her mother's box of chocolates.The school bus was now outside and she ran out to the bus. It was unusually warm today, the chocolates in her hand began to melt. Her fingers were covered with dark chocolate. She squinted her eyes long before she saw his dark blond hair, there he was. He happy for nothing. His smile lit up the entire bus, and even her who was really mad.
She sat down beside him and leaned her head on his left shoulder. He examined her fingers were covered with chocolate. He took her fingers and put them in his mouth.

 She just looked away and took back her fingers. They arrived at school now. She began to walk quickly toward the school.
- Wait! Hello! He shouted after her.
But she continue to go faster.
- What is it? She said with a hoarse voice.
- Why are you running from me?
- I'm still angry about what happened yesterday ..
- Please .. sweetie, drop it. He said and smiled.
- I want it too. Do you understand?
- You love me, I love you, why do we even have a problem?
- Please stop with the nonsense, we sort it out later. Okay? I have class now.
- Fine, it sounds good.
- Yes, see you soon.

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  1. Vilken fin historia!! jätte fin blogg också!!!!!